Isha Gupta

Scientist Pattern for refactoring critical paths in a monolith


These days I am working on a big monolith. I come across many long functions, some thousand lines of code, frequently. There is not much test coverage available so I don't feel comfortable to start any refactoring. As a result, I started discussing this with my team. I came to know about this pattern. It talks about running parallel implementations (legacy and refactored) of a function and then comparing the results over a period of time to build confidence on the refactored code. I have not tried it yet, but keen to try it soon.
Recommended reading: Move Fast, Scientist Pattern, Branch by Abstraction by Martin Fowler Scientist.Net library

Django Web App development: Beginner to Intermediate in a few hours


This post is for developers, like me, who want to try web application development without learning Javascript.
I started with Django documentation. Django is a web application framework, so when I created the first app, it created a bunch of folders and files. This gave me a simple web app. Django provides an automatic admin interface to manage entity data. The html templates css is easily customisable. Work out a schema with entity relationships which can give you enough overview of different things offered by Django Models. Ex. Shopping cart, Books checkout service, etc. This was the most time taking part.  Now, extend the tutorial to fit that model. Start with simple independent entities.  Journey Begins, have fun!
I am pleased to say, I am impressed how it turned out and gave me so much value for my time. There is a lot of material available to learn Django web app development from awesome devs. Reach out, if you feel I should document a step by step tutorial of my learning path. References: Django, RealPython, Dockerising Django

DevOps Melbourne Meetup


Once in every two months we organise a meetup targeted for the DevOps Community in Melbourne. Currently we are more than 4000 members. The objective is to act as a platform to bring industry leaders & DevOps advocates together to share their experiences and Transformations stories. We organise talks and discussions around different tools, ideas and best practices. We also discuss pathways for graduates or career changers who wants to start a career in Software or DevOps. We try to have speakers from diverse backgrounds and different experience levels to share their stories with the larger community to include different perspectives.

How to use Confluent HTTP Sink Connector


I created a demo project on how to a HTTP connector to pull data from KAFKA into a REST API. You can read about the demo on Medium. Source code of the demo is available on here

DevOps Institute Ambassdor


In October 2020, I was identified as a DevOps Institute Ambassador or DOIA from Australia by DevOps Institute. It is a large cohort of DevOps experts and practitionors from around the world.

DevOps Girls


We organised a hands-on workshop Docker 101 for DevOpsGirls with the objective of helping women to make a start in their learning journey of Containerization.



Intro to Python for SheLovesData and Intro to Data Analysis with Python workshops for SheLovesData

The Pheonix Project


One of the most amazing books, I have ever read. I found it very relatable. It gave me a bird eye of software delivery process. It changed my prespective about IT and software delivery.

Kafka: The Definitive Guide


This book is great read to understand "How Kafka fits in in the big data ecosystem" and internal architecture and design of Kafka producers, consumers, topics, brokers, logs, and much more.